How it works



How Drone Connector works:

  1. Using this site’s Find a drone operator page or homepage, first select your project’s physical location (so that we can propose operators who are local to you).
  2. Provide a few details about the project in question (such as the type of project, and some guidance on the imagery and outputs you require)
  3. Lastly, input your contact details so that we can send you the profiles of the professional drone operator or operators we recommend for your project. (We are able to offer this recommendation service for free thanks to our database of service providers who use senseFly drones (or UAVs) to carry out their work.)
  4. We will send you a list of the operators we believe are best suited to handle your project.

It is then up to you to contact whichever service provider (or providers) you prefer, in order to discuss your project further, get a quote, and finally, sign-up a supplier.

All project details will remain confidential between you and the operator, and will not be stored in the cloud or shared without your consent.

Why use a professional operator?

The Drone Connector service is designed to be used by professionals who are looking for an efficient way in which to acquire the data they need.

The senseFly drones our operators use are professional, reliable data collection tools that enable these operators to spend the minimum time in the field, while achieving the maximum data quality possible.

Click here to view sample senseFly drone datasets.

Since the senseFly eBee mapping drone weighs significantly less than 1 kg (2.2 lb) at take-off, it represents little danger to people or objects, guaranteeing the best possible safety for your premises, staff and assets.

What outputs can you expect?

Drone Connector operators are able to deliver a wide variety of data outputs to meet your project’s needs.

Is a drone the best data collection solution?

The following graphic clearly highlights the main benefits of choosing drone-based data collection.

Drone Connector service is completely free.